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CJR Rowers, Alumni & Family

CJR Regatta Revival

Spring 2023
at the Boathouse

Do you pine for the days when you could gorge on gyros and pasta salad, then regret that choice because you had to row in a mixed 8 in 20 minutes?

Then come join us for the CJR ALUMNI REGATTA REVIVAL on November 19.

Pre-mingle at 5:30 on the deck, followed at 6 pm in the boat bays for a cool (maybe cold) night of dinner and friends right out of your fondest memories.

Dinner will be prepared by LEGENDARY regatta chefs, PROUD CJR parents, JOHN VLASIS and JOE SAWYER.


  • The Furies Gyros

  • Antigone Chicken and Rice Soup

  • Laylops Greek Salad

  • Amphitrite Pasta Salad

  • Zephyrus Quesadillas


Come find out who has advanced in their career, who has started a family, what happened to…all the best things you’d expect from a reunion, and many opportunities to give back to CJR and the CHATTANOOGA ROWING community.

Open to all past, present, and future: CJR Athletes, families, and supporters.


If you can not make the dinner, please make a donation to CJR and/or Jack Fish Scholarship. 

Thank you!

CJR Team Photo Breakdown.jpg


Please buy your tickets early for this revival so we know how much food to buy.

Support CJR

This is an opportunity to give back to the CJR Family.

Our program only endures through the generous contributions of patrons and alumni.

All donations go to the programs our administrative team is made up of volunteers.

Please consider donating today. 

The Jack Fish Scholarship is given to CJR rowers in financial need.

  It is given in the spirit of Jack, who believed that rowing should be accessible to everyone.  

We award about 10% of our budget in scholarships.  Our projected need for the 2022-2023 school year is $5,612.00. 

Jack Fish Scholarship Fund
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